Microsoft Launches Windows 8


Whether you are an apple child or a Microsoft child, everyone has been waiting for the release of Microsoft’s windows 8. Some say its great, some say its pretty much the same as windows 7. Below is a video with Bill Gates about his views on Windows 8.


Can Windows 8 Top Windows 7?

“Still trying to have it both ways, Microsoft opened its launch event by reminding consumers of the success of Windows 7, an extremely popular operating system that consumers will have to decide whether or not to upgrade. “Windows 7 has become the most widely used and widely praised OS ever,” Sinofsky said, with more than 670 million licenses sold to businesses and consumers. In fact, Windows 7 saw the fastest adoption by businesses ever, Sinofsky said.

Nevertheless, “We shunned the incremental,” Sinofsky said of Windows 8. “We boldly reimagined the experience.”


Apps Still A Question Mark

But Microsoft executives spoke with somewhat less assurance when describing the Windows Store, the central repository for apps for Windows RT, and a key source for apps for Windows 8. Sinofsky called the Windows Store a “grand opening,” but didn’t specify exactly how many apps have been added to the Store, or how many will run Windows RT as well. Executives highlighted apps like UrbanSpoon, for example, which can be shared among users.

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Have your say, are you apple through and through? Do you think this could topple the scale between apple and microsoft? How do you think Microsoft can match the apple store for apps? We would like to hear from you.

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