6 Business Blogging Benefits


How Can You Benefit from Business Blogging? Business owners are often sceptic about blogging. How can blogging help a business grow? Is it worth the time? In fact, the benefits of business blogging are unmatched. In the light of latest Google updates, blogging is the best approach to organic SEO.

Increase in sales

The more you blog, the more you engage your customers by providing them with positive information about your business. The more they read about your business, the more they are convinced about buying your products, provided you post the right stuff. Business blogging is a great way to optimise your conversions. As a result, your sales increase and so does the profitability of your business.

Low cost marketing strategy

Blogging does not cost much if you do the writing yourself; it only takes your time. So, if you can spare a few hours every week writing good blog posts, you can see a significant increase in sales and profitability without having to spend much at all. Even if you hire a professional writer to blog for you, your expenditure is lower when compared to many other means of advertising.

You get more traffic, more leads and more business

Sharing is the most powerful weapon here. Make sure that the sharing icons are prominently visible on your blog. When you write, include call of action statements and encourage people to share the content. Tweet it, re-tweet it, bookmark it and put it on Facebook. In general, increase the visibility of your blogs. You are sure to reach a lot of interested people and in the process, procure more traffic, leads and business.

Provide a set of answers for frequently asked questions

A blog is a good way of addressing the concerns of your customers. Talk about your product and outline all its virtues so that most of the commonly asked questions are answered through your blog posts. This helps customers in a much better manner because they receive a more satisfactory explanation. You can also clarify many other possible doubts your customers and prospective customers may have. This helps you because you save time. You don’t have to answer individual queries, every time. You can divert the time you save to grow your business.

Lends a personal touch

Businesses grow better when they can connect to customers on a personal level. Businesses that seem cold, distant and unapproachable cannot build customer loyalty and suffer customer attrition. A blog is a great way of getting to know your customers. You get to know their names, professions and other crucial personal details that can help you plan marketing strategies more effectively. In fact, you can categorize customers based on geography or other demographics and have different blogs aimed at each group. When done in the right manner, blogging can make customers perceive your brand as being “friendly” and “likeable”. So, customers remain with you longer.

Create an impression of being dynamic

A business that blogs regularly creates an impression of being dynamic. An active business always makes a better impact on customers. You can also ensure that customers receive latest updates, that they always have something interesting to learn and that you remain within their attention span all the time. Today, dynamism is the key to success.

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