Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can prove a challenge, especially if you want a good return on your investment. Here at Born4Digital our experts work to get you the most from your advertising budget. We are AdWords Qualified and strive for the best performance of accounts for our clients.

We work closely with you to learn about your business, enabling us to hit the ground running with your accounts. If you have PPC accounts already set-up we can work through to make recommendations and optimise the account for increased performance. If you are new to PPC then fear not - our work is about educating as well as implementing for our clients.

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What makes our PPC campaigns successful?

Our whole PPC process is based around you and your company. We work closely with you to establish your business wants and how to reach your customers. Our PPC superheroes know their stuff, and together with your business knowledge we will make the strongest team.

1. PPC Strategy

We ensure every new PPC campaign starts off on a solid foundation. With a detailed research and analysis stage focusing on potential keywords and competitors and we use super powered PPC tools to create a complete strategy for your PPC campaign. Successful PPC advertising is all about the right keywords.

2. PPC Optimisation

Once the account is set up (or initially optimised if you have an account already) the work doesn’t stop there! PPC advertising is all about optimisation and development therefore we work to continually find what is working, what is not and how to improve the performance.

3. PPC Expansion

Static PPC campaigns are a recipe for disaster! Our PPC superheroes work to expand the campaigns where possible to find the new niche in your market, researching new relevant areas and ultimately getting you the best performance for your budget!

4. PPC Reporting

We include a full monthly report with visibility of work done, performance of the campaigns and recommendations going forwards. The whole process is about visibility and transparency; we want you to know where your budget is being spent and work together to get more from your investment!

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PPC Success

There are many elements which impact where you appear and this is what Born4Digital’s experience will work hard to reduce the cost you pay for the position you want. Paid search activity is all about getting a great return on your investment, so we are all about the numbers and reporting! If you are successful online, then so are we. Whatever your budget, we can maximise your return and get you those all-important leads and orders!

What is PPC?

The actual term ‘Pay Per Click’ means just that, it is paid for advertising which is based on a charge every time someone clicks on your advert. Pay Per Click (referred to as PPC) adverts can be found at the top of search engine results pages, normally within a slightly shaded area. Quite often you will see three adverts at the top of your page, but this can vary depending on how many advertisers there are and what the search query is.

How PPC Works

The way PPC works is similar to that of an auction – you bid on what are called ‘keywords’ (essentially search phrases which potential customers might enter in to their search engine) and tell the search engine how much you are willing to pay to appear in a particular position on the page. You are then competing against other companies who want to appear on the page for the same keywords.

Affordable PPC

Unlike some PPC agencies, our PPC & SEO work is based around one affordable flat monthly rate. This includes everything, from keyword & competitor research to results reporting. We have no extra fees and no hidden surprises. We have specialist PPC superheroes that love the industry… and it shows in your results!
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