Who we are

We weren’t jailed for a crime we didn’t commit.
We’re surprisingly affordable.
And it isn’t difficult to find us.
But we still like to think of ourselves as the A-Team.

With a core combined experience of over 30 years in the digital industry, Born4Digital is quickly becoming one of the most talked about web design agencies in Bournemouth. With a flexibility rarely seen elsewhere in the web design industry, we have the ability to bring in new talent & skills on a website design project to deliver, what our clients have called, the most creative and powerful online business solutions they have seen.
James Fury : Digital Leader
With a degree in Software Engineering, Prince 2, APMp and Cisco Internet Networking there is almost nothing James can't fix for his clients! James is a digital planning powerhouse with over 15 years digital experience making projects run smoothly.
SuperPowers: Project Management, SEO & Online Marketing
Tom Iceman : Progamming Genius
With years of freelance and agency experience, the Iceman is now the programming (evil) genius behind Born4Digital's powerful websites. He makes sure our clients benefit from the latest web technologies, ensures their security and gets our sites working as good as they look.
SuperPowers: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS... this list goes on
Anna Phoenix : Digital Marketing Guru
With a degree in Marketing and a passion for all things digital, Anna moulds our clients Paid Search budgets & campaigns to bring you something truly remarkable. 10 years experience in agency and client side means she knows what it takes to raise your campaign from the ashes.
SuperPowers: PPC, Social Media & Online Marketing
Austin Hawk-eye : SEO Sensei
A bachelor of commerce, law & SEO, Austin has dedicated nearly ten years to the search engine optimisation brotherhood. He commands an army of SERP fighting SEO ninjas, who work tirelessly to build your website presence and increase your website customer numbers!
SuperPowers: SEO, Linkbuilding, Analytics, SERP Reporting
Paul Aquaman : Design King
With an in-depth knowledge of online and offline design & usability, the Aquaman brings clean, crisp and fresh creative designs to all of Born4Digital's clients. From powerful ecommerce websites to a full brand refresh, Aquaman is key, design is king!
SuperPowers: Illustration, Design, Usability & Branding.
Laura Storm : Sales Sorceress
Sales and marketing come to some through years of hard training, others are just born with it. It's no coincidence our viral marketing kicks up a storm and helps our clients get their marketing messages across saturated markets like a bolt of lightning.
SuperPowers: Sales, marketing & Social Media

Directors: 3
Associates: Loads


Our secret base: Bournemouth, UK
Our clients' locations: Worldwide

Projects we can talk about
Projects we can't

How we work

We're not like other agencies. We work from ‘the cloud' - every member of the company works remotely, meaning the best possible quality and value for our clients. Here’s why:
Our customers love it. Communicating by video conference, phone, IM and email means more efficient ways of working: greater clarity, less time spent in meetings and more time working on your project.

We save you money. Without the costs associated with a traditional office, we save a lot of money - which we pass on direct to our clients.
We're as green as they come. No office means no waste. No costly printouts or carbon-heavy travel to and from work results in just a fraction of the environment impact of more traditional methods.

Happy staff = happy clients. Our staff are free to work in the way that suits them best - meaning better results, more creative solutions and, ultimately, happier clients.

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