It looks like spring has finally arrived? At long last your legs can see daylight again and now is the time of year when we get the urge to clear the garden, clean the house and wash down the windows.
But have you cleaned the cobwebs from your website lately? Here are five spring cleaning tips to apply directly to your website. Read more…


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google tube

Google Tube?!

Google have been looking to bring Google+ commenting to YouTube for some time. The concept is that it will improve comments, make them more social and keep them better moderated. YouTube comments can be a mess, thus we have been really looking forward to this. It’s been a long wait since this was declared in September, however currently Google is prepared to roll the new commenting system to their video streaming service!

The rollout started in the US late last week, so you should be seeing some changes in your videos shortly. There is currently no word on when the new system will come to the mobile YouTube apps, however, it ought to be comparatively soon. Let’s step back and see how this update makes YouTube better, though. Read more…


Whats up with this Google SEO Update?

Google unveiled a big revamp of its search engine not so long ago that affects (around) 90% of the search results worldwide by the Search giant. Called Hummingbird internally, the change to Google’s main search algorithm kicked in about a month ago.

“It is really big,” said Google search executive Amit Singhal.

The basics

  1. Better results for longer tail keyword inquiries: The public is becoming more seasoned at search as the years go by so they are comfortable adding more terms to their search.
  2. Voice command results : Voice-based search is becoming more important as people use smartphones more to find information. Read more…
HTML5 website design

The Top 5 Advantages of HTML5 Websites

In this high tech digital age, it is important for businesses to ensure that they are up to date and easily accessible online. Websites tell your clients and customers more about your company and the products and services that you offer. They are the most important advertising tool for any type of business. If you’re going to create a site for your company then it would be a good idea to use the new and improved HTML5 technology. Read more…

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